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[Australia] RoboCup @Home Education Challenge @ RoboCup Junior Australian Open 2019

RoboCup@Home Education Challenge
Workshop & Competition
RoboCup Junior Australian Open 2019 Melbourne

[Date] 11th - 13th October, 2019
[Venue] Victoria Pavilion at Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale 3032 []

RoboCup@Home Education is an educational initiative that promotes educational efforts to boost RoboCup@Home participation and service robot development. We have started @Home Education activities since 2015, organized various competitions in Japan Open 2015, 2016, 2017, and RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017, which generated more than 10 new teams with more than 50 participants in @Home participation. As an educational effort, since 2016 we have also conducted more than 8 workshops in domestic Japan and overseas. The workshop audiences were ranging from 20~70 participants, not limited to technical university students, but also inexperienced high school students and general public.

On December 2017, in collaboration with MathWorks, we had organized the Education Challenge at RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017 Bangkok, in a combined workshop and competition event. It was a great success in transforming totally inexperienced participants to be able to build robot and ace the competition. We had obtained a bigger success in RoboCup 2018 Montreal, where a total of 11 teams over 40 participants from 9 different countries had taken part in the event. With this inspiring motivation, we had organized this event in the RoboCup 2019 Sydney for the participation from worldwide RoboCup community, and following with the event in the RoboCup Junior Australian Open 2019 Melbourne for further development in Australia.

RoboCup@Home Education @ RoboCup 2018 Montreal
RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2018 @ RoboCup 2018 Montreal


Workshop & Competition (October 11 (Fri) ~ 13 (Sun), 2019)
10/11 (Fri)
- 15:00~16:00 Introduction, Team Setup
- 16:00~18:00 Workshop 1 Speech, Vision

10/12 (Sat)
- 10:30~12:30 Competition 1 Speech and Person Recognition
- 14:00~16:00 Workshop 2 Navigation
- 16:00~17:00 Finals Preparation

10/13 (Sun)
- 10:00~12:00 Competition 2 Help-me-carry
- 13:00~15:00 Competition 3 Finals (Demo and Presentation)


Workshop Contents
We will conduct hands-on workshop to guide the participants to build the robot for the competition. Prior experience in robot building is not required. However, some basic programming skill is needed. You can refer to our online courseware to get some ideas on the contents of the workshop, RoboCup@Home Education Open Courseware for Service Robotics.

Workshop in Education Challenge @ RCAP 2017

Robot Hardware
To facilitate totally inexperienced participants to join the event, we are providing (in sharing manner) basic robot building materials for qualified beginner teams (priority to new teams) to work for the workshop development and competition. Materials provided are:
  • Robot (TurtleBot2)
  • Sensor (Kinect/Xtion)
  • Robot arm

Robot Platform for the Workshop
Robot Platform for the Workshop

PC and Software
The participating teams are required to prepare own computing device (laptop PC) for the robot. Please prepare at least one laptop PC per team.
- Minimum requirements: 2 USB ports (or with USB hub), built-in microphone and speaker (better with external)
- PC environment: Linux Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
- Download, install and activate MATLAB R2019a (complimentary software license by MathWorks)

*** 1. Check System Requirements for MATLAB R2019a.
*** 2. Go to the RoboCup support page and request a complimentary software license. This should be started soon so things are ready. The steps to install and activate MATLAB will be emailed to you once the license is approved, and each team member should use the same information.

Competition of Education Challenge @ RCAP 2017
Competition in Education Challenge @ RCAP 2017


The official RoboCup@Home rulebook of 2018 (previous year) is based and 3 tests are selected as follows:
  1. Speech and Person Recognition
  2. Help-me-carry
  3. Finals


1. Please contact the organizing committee [] for local arrangement.
2. Please complete the registration below.

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