Q: What is RoboCup@Home SPL?
A: RoboCup@Home SPL (Standard Platform League) is a new league proposal that uses standard robot platform for RoboCup@Home challenges. Different from the concept of the other Standard Platform League in RoboCup, a standard robot platform is not just the mean but also the goal of RoboCup@Home SPL. Similar to RoboCup@Home, where a flexible benchmarking framework is established to allow evolution of the competition rules in contrast to minimal rules change in soccer league, the SPL of RoboCup@Home has also a mechanism to evolve the standard robot platform along with the development of the league. More

Q: Can we use X (commercial products, e.g. Hokuyo sensor)?
A: In short, Yes. Each year, a set of basic hardware will be defined. Hardware modification/addition is allowed with a set of criteria based on the SPL initiative. The modification/addition design is highly encouraged for the continuous improvement of the standard robot platform. However, the team has to justify the technical advantage of the modification with proven results during the competition. Good modification ideas will be awarded and being considered into the next standard platform design. More

Q: Can we build our own X (customized solution, e.g. robot arm)?
A: Yes and No. Yes, provided you justify it, and are intended to open source the design and willing to provide sufficient documentation to ensure reproducibility of your design by other teams. No, if you can't open the design to others, and it is not aligned with the RoboCup@Home SPL initiative. More

Q: Is this an official RoboCup league? Why it is not listed in RoboCup official website [http://www.robocup.org/]?
A: Currently, RoboCup@Home SPL is a new league proposal from RoboCup@Home Japan Committee. The committee is now hosting the first pilot competition in RoboCup Japan Open 2015, as an effort to appeal this proposal to RoboCup Federation.

Q: Can we participate in RoboCup@Home SPL? When is the competition?
A: Currently, the RoboCup@Home Japan Committee is hosting the competitions in RoboCup Japan Open.

Q: We have questions that are not answered here, who should we contact for inquiries?
A: A public group and mailing list as below are available for inquiries and general discussions.
Group: https://groups.google.com/group/robocupathomespl
ML: robocupathomespl@googlegroups.com