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Robot Platform 2016

New! Basic Hardware (Standard Robot Platform 2016)

Unless otherwise stated, the rules of RoboCup@Home is complied (especially section 3.3 Robots in RoboCup@Home rulebook 2015).

As the first set of basic hardware for the standard robot platform, the TutleBot ( is selected to kick start the snowball. TurtleBot is a low cost, personal robot kit with close integration to the popular open source software, ROS (Robot Operating System). The TurtleBot is selected due to the following reasons:
  • With given the comprehensive documentation and tutorials (officially, and many more), user can easily reproduce the solution for RoboCup@Home tasks. For instants the TurtleBot Follower Demo ( for Follow Me task.
  • The user base is large and active open source community.
  • It is relatively low cost as compared to the development cost of general RoboCup@Home teams and made available by many vendors.
  • There are many modification examples for various applications demonstrates the flexibility and potential for further improvement.

Mobile Platform
The standard TurtleBot specifications (Kobuki or Create base, is followed. The standard assembly illustrated on the official specifications is followed.

Feel free to design. More than one controller is allowed.

The Kinect (Xbox 360) or Xtion Pro Live sensor on the standard TurtleBot configuration is followed. Any change of placement or replacement with other sensor is considered as modification. Additional sensors (e.g. webcam, laser range finder, etc.) are allowed and considered as addition. All sensors used have to be readily available commercial products without modification.

The TurtleBot Arm ( is recommended. Due to the current technical readiness of TurtleBot Arm, similar solutions, namely CRANE+ (, PhantomX Pincher Robot Arm Kit (, and other products are allowed. The placement of the arm is free to design.

Any components that are not specified here will be considered as addition if any.