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RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2020 > 2021 @ RoboCup 2021 Bordeaux

Dear RoboCup@Home Education Community,

Thank you for your support and many entry applications to our Education Challenge 2020 @ RoboCup 2020 Bordeaux. Following the postponing announcement of RoboCup 2020 to 2021 by RoboCup Federation, we would like to inform you that our Education Challenge 2020 will follow the same arrangement to 2021.

>> RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2020 > 2021

We have received many entry applications for our 1st Call for Participation. We would like to take this opportunity to extend the entry application and qualification materials submission dues for 3 months to the end of June. We will follow up the qualification reviews as usual, and selected teams will be qualified for the event in 2021.

>> Entry Application: January 31 ~ June 1, 2020

>> Due of Qualification Materials Submission: June 31, 2020

>> Qualification: June 31 ~ July 15, 2020

During the originally planned dates of RoboCup 2020 (June 22-29), we plan to organize a new form of online event with educational activities. More details will be announced soon.

>> RoboCup@Home Education Online Challenge 2020

Apart from this main event, our regional committees in Asia, Europe, Americas and Oceania are discussing to host local events hopefully very soon when the local conditions have returned to normal. Stay tuned with us for more updates soon.

Also, in order to continue to promote learning at home amid the current global pandemic situation, we have recently started the RoboCup@Home Education Online Classroom to offer free online classes about robotics and AI for everyone regardless of age and technical background. Feel free to join us and you will have fun learning and even to DIY a robot at home.

>> RoboCup@Home Education Online Classroom


Our committee is taking extra efforts to plan new forms of activities to gather our community together while promoting our educational mission. We hope everyone will stay safe and healthy while learning at home.

Thank you.

Best regards,

RoboCup@Home Education Organizing Committee

RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2020

Workshop and Competition

The RoboCup@Home Education Challenge is an educational competition platform to cultivate beginner teams for RoboCup@Home challenges and service robot development. The purpose of the Education Challenge is to open the participation for everyone, not limited to technical university students, but also inexperienced high school students and the general public. The unique Workshop+Competition format effectively boosts novice participants for challenging service robot development and AI learning within an event time.

We have started RoboCup@Home Education activities since 2015, organized various workshops, talks & demos and challenges from local national events within countries, to regional events covering Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas, and international events hosted in the annual international RoboCup events. Our outreach activities have raised over 15 regional communities worldwide, running events over 40 cities.

Starting from 2017, we are collaborating with MathWorks to conduct hands-on workshops during the challenge events. It was a successful approach in transforming totally inexperienced participants to be able to build robots and ace the competition. This year, we welcome a new partner, SoftBank Robotics to bring in the Pepper robots for our new edition of Standard Platform challenge. We are very grateful that SoftBank Robotics is leasing for free the Pepper robots for qualified Standard Platform teams to use in the event. Also, Open Platform teams who don’t own a robot also can apply for a free leasing robot platform by Jupiter Robot.

To date, we have hosted 16 Education Challenges worldwide, including 2 international events in RoboCup 2018 Montreal and RoboCup 2019 Sydney, where a total of 26 teams over 110 participants had taken part in the events. With this inspiring motivation, we are organizing this event in the coming RoboCup 2020 Bordeaux for participation from the worldwide RoboCup community.

Event Details

Organized by

  • RoboCup 2020 Bordeaux LOC
  • RoboCup@Home Education OC


  • Workshop: June 23 ~ 25, 2020
  • Competition: June 26 ~ 28, 2020
  • Symposium: June 29, 2020



RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2020 Rules

Categories and Awards

Open Platform (OP) [Custom Build Robots]

  • Open category
  • Junior category

Standard Platform (SP) [Pepper Robot]

  • Open category
  • Junior category

Special Awards

  • MathWorks Award
  • SoftBank Robotics Award
  • Jupiter Robot Award

** We are very grateful that SoftBank Robotics is leasing for free the Pepper robots for qualified Standard Platform teams to use in the event.

** Open Platform teams who don’t own a robot also can apply for a free leasing robot platform by Jupiter Robot.


Workshop (June 23 ~ 25, 2020)

June 23

  • AM Workshop 1 Hardware and Software Setup
  • PM Workshop 2 Speech, Navigation

June 24

  • AM Workshop 3 Vision
  • PM Workshop 4 Arm

June 25

  • AM System Integration and Field Testing
  • PM Robot Inspection and Poster & Presentation

Competition (June 26 ~ 28, 2020)

June 26

  • AM Team Setup
  • PM Task 1 Carry My Luggage

June 27

  • AM Task 2 Find My Mates
  • PM Task 3 Receptionist

June 28

  • Finals (Demo and Presentation)

*** AM 09:00~12:00; PM 13:00~16:00

How to Participate

Step 1 - Entry Application

Fill in and submit the online entry form below (one per team). If you have any difficulty submitting online, please contact

** For Open Platform (OP) Junior category teams from China, please contact RCJ China for entry application.

Online Entry Form:

Step 2 - Qualification

After submitting the entry application, please prepare the Qualification Materials and submit by email to before the following due date.

Due of Qualification Materials Submission: March 31, 2020 (1st Call for Participation)

Qualification Materials

  • Team with own hardware
      1. Team Description Paper (TDP): Technical description and photo of the robot system.
      2. Team Video: Video showing the robot is solving some tasks.
  • Team without own hardware
      1. Team Description Paper (TDP): Project planning of the robot demonstration for Finals.
      2. Team Video: Video showing the team has completed some of the tutorials in our OpenCourseWare.

** TDP free format, maximum 4 pages.

** Please host the video online and submit only the link.

** The email subject should be: [@HomeEDU2020-Qualification] (Your Team Name)

Step 3 - Registration

The OC will review your entry and response by email on the review result. Complete the registration procedure according to the instructions in the email.

Important Dates - 1st Call for Participation

Entry Application: January 31 ~ March 15, 2020

Due of Qualification Materials Submission: March 31, 2020

Qualification: March 31 ~ April 15, 2020

Registration: April 15 ~ May 15, 2020

* Due to the time and space constrains and the availability of the robot hardware provided to the teams during the event, there are a limited amount of team slots available for registration. The registration will be closed once the team slots are filled up even before the above due date.

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