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RoboCup@Home Education Challenge

The RoboCup@Home Education Challenge is an educational competition platform to cultivate beginner teams for RoboCup@Home challenges. The unique Workshop+Competition format effectively boosts novice participants for challenging service robot development and AI learning within an event time. Hosted locally and internationally, by the community, and for the community.

Open Participation for All

The purpose of the Education Challenge is to open the participation for everyone, especially novice and non-expert participants with no past experience. Our communities around the world are hosting Education Challenge at various levels, from national events within countries, to regional events covering Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas, and international events usually hosted in the annual international RoboCup events.

The organization and challenge details vary among the events, based on the local organizer conditions and requirements. Please refer to the individual challenge event page for more details.

Robot Platforms and Categories

There are 2 types of robot platforms in the Education Challenge: Open Platform and Standard Platform.

  • Teams in Open Platform use custom build robots for the challenge events. The challenge’s development focus is on both hardware and software designs.
  • Teams in Standard Platform use a standardized robot platform - Pepper robot from SoftBank Robotics in the challenge events. The development focus is mainly on software design.

Under each platform, it is further divided into Open category for any age level of participants, and Junior category for teams with all members under 19 years old.

  • Open Platform (Custom Build Robots)
      • Open category
      • Junior category (under 19)
  • Standard Platform (Pepper Robot by SoftBank Robotics)
      • Open category
      • Junior category (under 19)

Hands-on Workshops

We conduct hands-on workshops to guide the participants to build the robot for the competition. Prior experience in robot building is not required. However, some basic programming skills are needed.

To facilitate totally inexperienced participants to join the event, we are providing (in sharing manner) basic robot building materials for qualified beginner teams to work for the workshop development and competition.

Competition Rules

We are running the competition and adapting similar rules from RoboCup@Home's official rulebook, in order to maintain the standard of the development. However, we are also selecting tasks that are more relevant for novice teams development, and formulating more suitable assessment approach for the educational purpose. Please refer to the individual challenge event page for the detailed rules.

Robot Platforms

Open Platform (OP)

Custom Build Robots

Standard Platform (SP)

Pepper Robot by SoftBank Robotics

List of Education Challenges

International events

  1. *** [FR] RoboCup 2020 Bordeaux 2020.06.23-29
  2. [AU] RoboCup 2019 Sydney 2019.07.02-08 [Photos]
  3. [CA] RoboCup 2018 Montreal 2018.06.16-22 [Photos]

Regional events

  1. *** [PT] 3rd European RoboCup Junior 2020 Portugal 2020.05.21-24
  2. [RU] RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2019 Moscow 2019.11.06-11 [Photos]
  3. [IT] European RoboCup@Home Education Challenge 2019 Trieste 2019.05.23-26 [Photos]
  4. [IT] European RoboCup Junior Championship (EURCJ) 2018 Montesilvano 2018.05.29-06.01 [Photos]
  5. [TH] RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2017 Bangkok 2017.12.14-17 [Photos]

National events

  1. *** [ES] RoboCup@Home Education Challenge Spain 2020 Madrid 2020.04.28-30
  2. *** [AT] RoboCup Junior Austrian Open 2020 Eisenstadt 2020.04.23-25
  3. *** [JP] RoboCup Japan Open 2020 Aichi 2020.03.19-22
  4. [IN] RoboCup@Home Education Challenge India 2020 Gurugram 2020.01.13-15 [Photos]
  5. [MY] RoboCup@Home Education Challenge @ KLESF 2019 Kuala Lumpur 2019.11.01-03 [Photos]
  6. [AU] RoboCup Junior Australian Open 2019 Melbourne 2019.10.11-13 [Photos]
  7. [JP] RoboCup Japan Open 2019 Nagaoka 2019.08.15-18 [Photos]
  8. [CN] RoboCup China Open 2019 Shaoxing 2019.04.17-21 [Photos]
  9. [JP] RoboCup Japan Open 2018 Ogaki 2018.05.02-05 [Photos]
  10. [IT] RoboCup Junior Italian Open 2017 Montesilvano 2017.05.26-28
  11. [JP] RoboCup Japan Open 2017 Nagoya 2017.05.03-05 [Photos]
  12. [JP] RoboCup Japan Open 2016 Aichi 2016.03.25-27 [Photos]
  13. [JP] RoboCup Japan Open 2015 Fukui 2015.05.02-04 [Photos]

*** Upcoming events