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RoboCup@Home Simulation - This competition evaluates how well intelligent robots can engage in natural and friendly communication with users and achieve various support behaviors in daily-life environments. The competition is designed based on the SIGVerse simulator, which enables robots to make embodied and social interactions in virtual reality (VR) environments. Human test subjects in the real space interact with a robot in the virtual space to evaluate the interactive support ability. One of the competition tasks is a Vision-Language Navigation task to be solved by a human. In other words, the robot needs to explain clearly to the human how to get to the destination, and the competition setting aims to connect the XAI and HRI research. Furthermore, by discussing and examining the fusion and interface between robotics and the metaverse, digital twin, and cyber-physical systems that have been attracting attention in recent years, we believe that this event will provide a valuable opportunity to explore the direction of further development in robotics research.

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